YUNGMORPHEUS & THERAVADA announce new album, share “Beneath the Visage”

Longtime underground rap collaborators YUNGMORPHEUS and THERAVADA have announced a new album together (produced entirely by the latter), Up Against The Wall; A Degree of Lunacy, due August 5 via Bad Taste (pre-order). Guest appearances come from Awhlee and Starker. YUNGMORPHEUS says, "I consider this record a snapshot of a time where I began to become aware of the looseness we operate in spatially and the consequences of said space. You need the shadow to see the glimmer of light ! Back might be against the wall but pendulum forever swings ! Big ups Theravada for working on this piece with me—this was a long time coming. This is as organic as it come. Thank you for your ears."

The first single is "Beneath the Visage," which finds YUNGMORPHEUS delivering hazy bars over a trippy, pitched-up soul sample. Check it out below.

1. Beneath the Visage
2. Tighten Up (Feat. Ahwlee)
3. This Ain't That
4. Spumoni Twist
5. Trilaani Parish
6. Do You…? (Feel Me)
7. Broadside Collisions
8. Sodium Benzoate (Feat. Starker)
9. Vanishing Point
10. Off-Speed Pitch