Young Thug Responds to Mariah the Scientist’s New Song With ‘From a Man’

Atlanta singer (and Thugger’s rumored girlfriend) also released her own “From a Woman” Friday

Even behind bars, Young Thug remains prolific, with the rapper dropping his new single “From a Man,” his response to Mariah the Scientist’s just-released “From a Woman.”

Approaching the same subject from two different perspectives, the dual singles continue the personal and professional relationship between the Atlanta artists, who are also reportedly romantically involved.

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“[Jeff] is someone who supports and respects my vision wholeheartedly. There is a true balance in my femininity and his masculinity,” Mariah the Scientist said in a statement. “He’s the yang to my yin in every way.”

Along with the singles, Mariah the Scientist also revealed that she has signed with Epic Records, which will release her new album, To Be Eaten Alive, on October 27. The LP is the singer’s first since 2021’s Ry Ry World.


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As for the album’s gory title, Mariah the Scientist explained, “Scorpions, like myself, are considered non-social and solitary animals. Interacting only on rare occasion, such as courtship. For the grand and notable lion, the scorpion seems to be a small feat. They are an unpredictable match and yet they establish a mutual respect for each other’s curious differences. They are both natural born predators. This bond requires sacrifice, trust, and discipline. As for the venomous scorpion, to be eaten alive is to kill.” 

Despite his continued incarceration after being arrested on RICO charges, Young Thug continues to release music at a staggering pace (though somewhat less staggering than when he was behind bars): In June, Thugger released his new album Business Is Business, as well as appeared on tracks by Travis Scott, Metro Boomin and Lil Baby.