Yann Brassard Releases A Disco Masterpiece – “Overnight”

After “Mission Commando” and “Dangereuse”, Yann Brassard returns with his latest magical song titled “Overnight.” This disco-inspired single confirms the brand new artistic identity that clearly stands out from current pop releases. Recorded, arranged, produced, and written by himself during the quarantine, “Overnight” fully displays his fantastic energy, talent, and ability to come-up with much needed positive vibes during the troubled times we are going through. Born of a Haitian mother and a Quebecois father, Brassard’s cultural heritage is enriched by the diverse sources of music he was influenced by. This mix of inspirations result in him creating a uniquely interesting sound, ranging from pop, soul, r&b and latin inspired moods. 70’s and 80’s disco music singers including the Bee Gees and Prince played a big role in shaping Yann’s creativity, and with “Overnight,” we have a beautifully uplifting proof that the fast-rising artist who made it to the finals of Quebec’s La Voix, is going to have a long career in music.