Wiretap’s new Latinx punk imprint My Grito releases charity comp w/ Audio Karate, Los Skagaleros, more

The great LA punk label Wiretap Records launched a new imprint, My Grito, which was founded by Rob Castellon and Oscar Toledo and is "aimed at supporting primarily Latin / LatinX artists in various mediums, including bands/musicians, artists/muralists, comedians, entertainers, and more." The label's first release was the new single "Don't Wanna Hold Your Hand" by Orange County garage punks 3LH last week, and now they've put out My Grito presents​.​.​. MAS ALTO! A Charity Compilation, a 30-song comp benefitting No Us Without You LA. The label writes:

No Us Without You is a 501c3 Non-Profit Public Charity providing food security for undocumented Back Of House Staff and their families. Undocumented hospitality workers are the backbone of the hospitality industry. They are unemployed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and are not eligible for unemployment benefits even though they’re taxed every paycheck. $33 Feeds a Family of 4 for 1 week … If we can raise even just a bit… let's do our part.

Consider a donation of Pay What You Want and receive an incredible assortment of new music from Latino / LatinX artists we think are worthy of your attention.

The comp includes that new 3LH song, plus songs by Los Skagaleros, Audio Karate, Latin Killers, The Paranoias, Go Betty Go, La Muerte, Como Las Movies, Adrian Carmine, ELLA, La Chamba, Valley Rats, El Chisme, Welfair, Archer Oh, My Machete, Ear Ringer, and more.

You can pick up the comp at Bandcamp (name your price) and stream it here:

1. 3LH – Don't Wanna Hold Your Hand 03:53
2. Latin Killers – Cúrame 03:30
3. Los Skagaleros – 2 Tales of the Working Class 03:10
4. The Paranoias – Amarte 02:48
5. La Muerte – Escuchame 03:43
6. Como Las Movies – ¿Ypqsp? 04:32
7. Adrian Carmine – Please Don't Go 03:16
8. Las Calakas – Baile De Las Calakas 04:35
9. Valley Rats – Valley Rat Strut 02:16
10. Los Esplifs – La Peligrosa 03:22
11. Banana Boy Leaf – Give It Time (Live) 04:38
12. Go Betty Go – Tartamudo 02:04
13. Audio Karate – Good Loving Man 03:49
14. Mexico City Heartbreak – Old Lovers 03:48
15. ELLA – Dia y Noche 03:47
16. Archer Oh – Dianthus 03:54
17. La Chamba – Lluvia 03:26
18. El Chisme – Colita 03:04
19. Profesor Galactico – Forgot My Name 02:57
20. Amor Eterno – Don't Need Your Love 05:20
21. Welfair – Purple Sheets 03:12
22. Ear Ringers – Lost My Way 03:06
23. The Venomous Pinks – Hold On 03:43
24. My Machete – Last Forever 03:35
25. Thee Illusions – Thunderstorms and Earthquakes 04:15
26. Stormhouse – Sancti 04:21
27. Ter Nura – Bubblegum 03:15
28. Saint Harvy – Dream World 04:50
29. brother sports – Mala 02:56
30. Wax Children – Woe, Whoa 04:12