Back in December,  after saying in a RapRadar interview that  went slightly overlooked, even though Dreamville or would have been praised for being as prolific as the Buffalo-bred collective. He clarified that he has deep respect for those labels for anyone who was misinterpreting his initial statement. While Westside Gunn may have eased up on the self-appraisal to avoid offending any fans of those other rap crews, he has now ditched any pretence of humility. He believes Griselda has made some of the most important cultural contributions in hip hop history and he will keep shouting it from the rooftops. 

He posted a collage of Griselda album covers on Instagram and wrote:

“GRISELDA has the best Catalogue in HIP HOP HISTORY!!!!! IDC who u name and I respect EVERYBODY the OGs the Pioneers, the ones who even inspired US but the FAKTS is the FAKTS idk when y’all wanna start giving US our roses but this shit is CULTURE, whoever u name catalog not even this deep and this powerful we can debate all u want but don’t try and name somebody wit 3 strong albums and that’s it YOU must not be seeing the same picture I’m seeing and that’s Why I’m the [goat emoji] it’s not bc I’m the best rapper idgaf about that it’s about what I’m doing for the Culture as a whole FASHION,ART,WRESTLING ontop of Still making Projects that can run with ANYTHING it won’t be ever done again we’re living in modern day History.”

Westside Gunn has teased that he has a .