Watch the trailer for Netflix’s upcoming K-drama ‘Doctor Cha’

Streaming platform Netflix has unveiled a trailer for its new K-drama series, Doctor Cha.

The series will star Our Blues actress Uhm Jung-hwa as full-time housewife Cha Jung-sook, who decides to return to her medical career after a twenty-year break. Meanwhile, her husband Seo In-ho (played by All Of Us Are Dead‘s Kim Byung-chul) is the chief surgeon at the same hospital.

The new trailer opens with a shot of Cha waking up in the hospital’s break room as a voiceover asks: “Applying for residency? Why now?” The voice is revealed to be her husband Seo In-ho, as the duo meet in his office.


“Why not start with actually bothering to study first?” Preferably somewhere out of the way,” he continues, which Cha replies with: “I refuse.”

“Just pretend we don’t know each other at the hospital,” Seo says, followed by chaotic scenes of the duo being at odds as they work together for the first time.

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Doctor Cha is set to premiere April 15 on Netflix in select regions and will also air on the South Korean cable network JTBC. The show will also star Myung Se-bin of First Love Again fame and The Third Charm actor Min Woo-hyuk.

Last week, Netflix announced the premiere date of its upcoming original K-drama Black Knight. The series, which stars Our Blues actor Kim Woo-bin and Esom of Taxi Driver fame, will follow the adventures of a legendary deliveryman as they journey through a future, dystopian Korea.