Watch the teaser trailer for Zack Snyder’s ‘Rebel Moon Part Two: The Scargiver’

Netflix has released the first teaser trailer for the upcoming conclusion to Zack Snyder‘s sci-fi epic, Rebel Moon.

Titled Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver, the film is set to stream exclusively via the streaming platform on April 19 next year. The film will serve as the continuation and conclusion to Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child Of Fire, which premiered on Netflix on December 22.

In the trailer for Part Two: The Scargiver, we see glimpses of flashbacks led by Djimon Hounsou’s General Titus and the ramifications for Sofia Boutella’s Kora from the ending of Part One: A Child Of Fire.


Watch the trailer for Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver below.

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Part One stars Sofia Boutella as fearsome warrior Kora, a stranger with a mysterious past who crash lands on a moon and begins a new life among a peaceful settlement of farmers. However, she soon becomes their only hope of survival after they find themselves entangled with a tyrannical leader.

Rebel Moon’s cast is led by Sofia Boutella, Charlie Hunnam, Michiel Huisman, Djimon Hounsou, Doona Bae, Ray Fisher, Cleopatra Coleman, Jena Malone, Ed Skrein, Fra Fee and Anthony Hopkins, who plays an android on a journey of self-discovery.

In November, Snyder revealed that the Rebel Moon films will receive an R-rated director’s cut, which will be “a full hour longer”. A release date for these extended cuts have yet to be announced.

Before the premiere of Part One, Rebel Moon received scathing reviews with most critics heavily criticising the film’s “incoherent” and “generic” plot. In a one-star write-up, The Independent described Snyder’s sci-fi movie as an “incoherent shambles,” adding: “It’s a film populated by some of the Justice League Snyder Cut filmmaker’s worst impulses: a mess of imagery, some of it attempting to shock, congregated largely around the idea of what might look good in a trailer.”