Watch the new teaser for Netflix’s ‘Bloodhounds’

Netflix has released a new teaser for its upcoming K-drama series, Bloodhounds. Watch the clip above.

Bloodhounds will star Woo Do-hwan and Lee Sang-yi as two young boxers who enter the dangerous world of private loans, teaming up with a benevolent moneylender in order to take down a ruthless loan shark who preys on the financially desperate.

The teaser opens with Woo and Lee discussing their boxing skills over lunch, intercut with clips of them fighting each other in the ring and against a group of men who are chasing after them. “Those kids are no joke. They took down 30 men,” says a voiceover.


Woo then asks Lee: “Is money important to you?” Followed by shots of them emptying boxes of cash into a cart, while fighting off security officers. “What could be more important,” Lee responds.

Later in the teaser, Woo comes face to face with a moneylender played by Park Sung-woong, who asks him to “pay up”. The teaser then clips to a thrilling montage of action scenes, set to fast-paced music.

Bloodhounds is set to premiere June 9 exclusively on Netflix.

The series was first announced in January, when Netflix unveiled its state of Korean movies and drama for 2023. Aside from Bloodhounds, the streaming service is also set to release new seasons of previous hits like 2020’s Sweet Home and 2021’s D.P.

Netflix is also set to release a new K-drama today (May 12), called Black Knight. The upcoming series will chronicle the journey of legendary deliveryman ‘5-8’ (Kim Woo-bin) in a future, dystopian Korea. Watch the trailer here.