Watch Sean Miyashiro discuss the origins of 88rising

88rising has shared a new interview with its founder Sean Miyashiro in which he explores how his upbringing led to him developing the company.

Released over the weekend (September 30), the new interview sees the company’s founder open up about what inspired him to pursue a career in the music industry, and how the collaboration with Toyota stems back to memories of his childhood.

Titled ‘Day One of 88rising’, the clip is part of a series of videos and begins with Miyashiro sharing a rare, behind-the-scenes insight into how he first came to be passionate about music.


Here, he detailed how he would ride in his father’s green Camry and discover new music together, whether it be through listening to music in the car or venturing to record shops together.

He also reveals how this passion evolved over time, both as he went to parties as a teen, up until he decided to create his own music events and later form the record company.

“Throwing events and organising events and bringing people together, that whole experience is something that has literally taught me so much,” he explains in the clip. “Honestly, it was hard, but it was all worth it. You just have to keep trusting yourself and not give up. Once you have that conviction, you’ve got to ruthlessly execute towards that vision.”

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Since founding in 2015, 88rising has gone on to become the leading pan-Asian music company in the world, and is devoted to helping celebrate Asian creativity on a global scale.

It joined forces with Toyota earlier this year to champion AAPI communities and culture through the “Day One” campaign. Through the efforts, both brands look to support the Asian American community by giving artists a bigger platform to be seen, heard and supported.


Alongside the interview with Miyashiro, the project also includes support for music videos, skits, mixes, and other pieces of content. Many of these include appearances from SF4AM – a new artist from 88rising. Check out SF4AM’s recent track, ‘Blossom Hill Blues’, below. Directed by Jason Ano, it sees mysterious masked members meticulously wash their vintage Toyota Corolla.

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Check out SF4AM tracks here.

In other news, last month 88rising joined forces with NME to host a star-studded Ignit8 F1 Singapore Grand Prix afterparty in Singapore.

Taking place at CÉ LA VI, the event was a triumphant showcase of talent at the massive Padang mainstage for the race’s first night of entertainment, and featured appearances from BIBI, MILLI, Warren Hue, Spence Lee and more.