Watch Måneskin’s MTV VMAs performance in full and uncensored

Måneskin’s MTV VMAs performance has been uploaded in its full, uncensored form after the cameras cut away from the band several times during the live show.

The Italian band made their debut appearance at the US awards show last month (August 28) to perform their single ‘Supermodel’.

However, the performance was heavily censored on the live broadcast, with MTV later confirming that it cut to aerial shots of the arena several times because bassist Victoria De Angelis’ top fell down, exposing her breasts.


The network has now uploaded a full, uncensored video of the performance to its YouTube channel. The video shows that, despite De Angelis’ wardrobe malfunction, the bassist kept playing, striding down the stage and into the crowd. Watch the performance below now.

Fans criticised MTV at the time for panning away from the stage, claiming they had “ruined” Måneskin’s appearance at the ceremony.

Last month (August 9), Måneskin launched a new YouTube series called On The Road. The series gave fans behind-the-scenes access to the Eurovision winners’ summer of festivals and touring. “Don’t sleep on this ‘cause you will laugh,” the band promised before its arrival. “A lot lot.”

Earlier this summer, the group spoke to NME backstage at Lollapalooza 2022 about how they felt about receiving recognition in the US.

“It’s amazing,” De Angelis replied when asked about being nominated for the VMAs, where they were in the running for Best New Artist and Best Alternative Video. “I think it’s the first time an Italian artist gets this type of recognition in the states. We’re very proud and we’re going to work even harder.”