Watch Jane’s Addiction Debut New Song ‘Imminent Redemption’ at London Show

Jane’s Addiction’s classic lineup performed its first show in 14 years last night at London’s Bush Hall. The band, who reunited with co-founding bassist Eric Avery in 2022, took the opportunity to showcase a new track, “Imminent Redemption.”

The song marks the band’s second new song in the past year after they debuted “True Love,” their first new music in over a decade, last year. Jane’s Addiction initially formed in 1985 and features singer Perry Farrell, guitarist Dave Navarro, drummer Stephen Perkins, and bassist Eric Avery.

Over the years, various other musicians have played with the band, including Flea and Duff McKagan. Avery returned to the band for several shows, but Navarro was side-lined by a recovery from Covid, leading to last night being the lineup’s big moment onstage.

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The return of Avery to Jane’s Addiction had initially seemed improbable as he sat out their first reunion tour in 1997 and had been mostly estranged from the group over the past 25 years. The lone exception was a brief period between 2008 and 2010 when he returned to the group for an ill-fated attempt at reconciliation that ended in hurt feelings on both sides, and sharp barbs exchanged in the press.

In 2022, when Avery rejoined the band he told Rolling Stone, “Perry and I then got on the phone, and I was able to say some things to him which were a lot of years in coming. We wound up in a really, really great place at the end of a 40-minute phone call, and we sort of buried the hatchet. It was just two adult guys coming to a resolution about stuff.”


He added, “I told him that I’d take the next step, whatever that is. That’s how each progression has been since then. I take the next step, I take the next step, and my initial mojo keeps getting reinforced. Interpersonally, it has been really good. Creatively, it’s been really good. This has been precisely the opposite dynamic of the [last reunion].”

In recent years, Farrell and Stephen Perkins have been busy with their other band, Porno For Pyros. The group recently embarked on their farewell tour after releasing “Agua,” their first new song in 26 years, last November.