Watch Grimes Discuss AI in Music for PBS Series A Brief History of the Future

The fourth episode of the new PBS series A Brief History of the Future, a documentary series about reimagining a better future for the Earth and its inhabitants, aired last night (April 24). The episode focuses on how artificial intelligence factors into that vision. During one segment, Grimes is interviewed as a figure at “the forefront of this work” in the music realm by Ari Wallach. Watch her interview, which starts around the 32:00 mark, below.

In her segment for the PBS show, Grimes describes the current state of AI as an “opportunity” for artists that’s similar to the recent “revolution” of at-home production and recording. “What we do and the things we create over the next few decades will probably shape, like, all minds going forward for the rest of time,” says Grimes. “When everyone has the same tools that can make professional quality stuff, then you get to see the actual talent, like, really rise to the top.” Grimes also goes on to speak passionately about consciousness, the universe, and preserving the human race.

Grimes’ most recent album, Miss Anthropocene, came out in 2020. She released a handful of intricate music videos for its singles, like “Delete Forever” and “Violence,” using 3D imaging software, and discussed their creation process at length in the interview “Grimes Dissects the Visual World of Miss Anthropocene.”

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