Viral Sun (Torche, Capsule) announce s/t EP, share “66Psalm”

Viral Sun are a heavy punk band from the Bay Area with members of Torche and Capsule, and they’re gearing up to release a self-titled EP on June 21 via Rad Girlfriend Records (pre-order). The first single is “66Psalm,” which pulls from both sludge and post-hardcore in a way that recalls bands like Glassjaw, Thrice, and the aforementioned Torche. The band says:

Sometimes we wonder what lies beyond. Unfortunately there is no absolute truth to be taught or conveyed, except, perhaps, that life is only but a reminder that death is inexorable. With our first single, we strive to emblematize a common feeling: The feeling of being lost amongst unanswerable questions of morality and mortality, whilst in dissent with those who claim they have the answers. For those of you who sometimes feel lost…we’re with you.

Check out the song and its video right here: