Tyler, the Creator: “Dogtooth”

Tyler, the Creator’Call Me When You Get Lost was a Wes Anderson movie narrated by DJ Drama and a victory lap during which he reflected on both his gargantuan success and mounting romantic anxieties. “Dogtooth,” the first of a handful of extra songs he’s releasing on a Call Me deluxe edition, has the wordplay and swagger of a loosie like “Potato Salad” but the pomp of something from IGOR. It’s full of the same boisterous flexes; it’s also some of the most hardcore simping you’ll hear on a rap song this year. “She could ride my face, I don’t want nothin’ in return,” he says in his raspy baritone. “Except for sum’ her time and all her love, that’s my concern.” When he’s not waxing about satisfying his lover, Tyler is examining hangers-on (“Don’t call me king, I’m not your twin/I’m not your brother, we just met”) and finding creative ways to let bankrolls drop (“I shimmy through Paris in back of Phantom of the threads”). It’s fun to hear him talk about canary diamonds so bright they rival the moon and cruising on his private jet with just the pilot. But it’s more amusing to see him fawning over the one person money can’t buy.