Tyla: “Girl Next Door” [ft. Ayra Starr]

Modern dating incentivizes you to constantly chase upgrades at the expense of really caring for someone. On their breezy amapiano and R&B single “Girl Next Door,” Afropop it girls Tyla and Ayra Starr call out lovers who treat romance like a video game: “Don’t be greedy and jump on the next thing you see now,” Tyla warns, her shimmering, liquid-smooth vocals gliding over shakers and warm guitar. Starr comes in swinging, dismissing side chicks and threatening her lover with her absence: “You know I won’t waste no time/I can have another you by 9.” Don’t get the girls wrong; suitors are lining up at their doors and parked in their DMs. Lucky for their man, they love him enough to talk some sense into him.