Turnstile packed Brooklyn Mirage in the rain with JPEGMAFIA & Snail Mail (pics, review)

Turnstile are keeping the momentum of their excellent 2021 album Glow On going, having just kicked off a second round of headlining tour dates in Brooklyn last night (10/3), following the life-affirming, quickly-sold-out tour they did this past spring. The spring run had them in NYC for back-to-back shows at Knockdown Center and Brooklyn Steel, and this time they graced the 6,000-cap outdoor stage at Brooklyn Mirage. It was not a nice night at all — about 50 degrees and raining constantly — but that didn't stop people filling in this massive venue and packing in as tightly as possible. I was towards the back, and even back there it was packed like sardines.

Punk bands getting as popular as Turnstile are right now has been met by cynicism in the past, but that hasn't really been happening with Turnstile. I think part of that is that younger generations are less angry about "selling out" than previous ones were, but more than anything I think it's because Turnstile are so deserving of everything that's been happening for them. They're truly one of the best doing it, they've remained so genuine, and their forays outside of punk and hardcore have been brilliantly executed and well-received. And as their crowd sizes increase, they continue to make their shows more and more spectacular without ever losing sight of why longtime fans fell in love with them in the first place.

Turnstile took full advantage of the opportunities presented by a large venue like Brooklyn Mirage, including the fact that the towering wall that enveloped the back and sides of the stage was also a screen. Turnstile used it like a mirror, projecting both themselves and the crowd onto it. It was both visually stunning and also made Turnstile appear up close and personal even for the people in the very back. And the screen made them seem even more larger than life when they flexed their rockstar muscles to do things like give Daniel Fang a mid-show drum solo, bring out a saxophone player, and when they extended set-closer "T.L.C. (TURNSTILE LOVE CONNECTION)," with Brendan Yates singing the fast-paced punk song's hook over an airy electronic backing track.

As for the setlist, it was Glow On-heavy, and as Turnstile's crowds get bigger, the Glow On songs continue to be the crowdpleasers. Even the deep cuts on that album spawned louder singalongs than some of the singles from previous records. They played less from Nonstop Feeling than on the spring tour and nothing from Step 2 Rhythm, but this time they did reach back to their 2011 debut EP Pressure to Succeed for "The Things You Do," a minute-long hardcore ripper that fit perfectly with the rest of the setlist. There wasn't a single dull moment, the show felt like it sped by even though everyone was getting soaked the whole time, and Turnstile just brought it. It's not just that they've made one of the best punk/hardcore albums in recent memory, it's also that they're such a next-level live band that you really have to see for yourself to fully experience. If you still haven't seen Turnstile yet, quit waiting around and get to a gig!

Turnstile are also great curators, and the openers for this tour both hailed from Turnstile's Baltimore hometown, and neither of them are punk or hardcore. First up was Snail Mail, who distracted from the rain with a set of dreamy, serene indie rock. They kept things on the calmer side and saved the loudest for last: the explosive set-closer "Valentine." Then it was rapper/producer JPEGMAFIA, who brought the energy level up a lot and had plenty of people in the crowd jumping around and singing along and chanting his name between songs. It's always nice to see a show where not every band on the bill is nearly identical sounding, and this genre-diverse selection of artists worked perfectly. Each one brought something entirely different to the table, but they also flowed together in a way that felt totally natural.

More pics by Amanda Hatfield, full-set video of Turnstile, and their setlist below. Turnstile's tour continues in Toronto tonight (10/4) and hits Asbury Park on Thursday (10/6). All dates (including a list of special guest openers at select dates) below as well.

Turnstile @ Brooklyn Mirage – 10/3/22 Setlist
Real Thing
Big Smile
I Don't Wanna Be Blind
The Things You Do