tripleS unveil full 24-member line-up on new single, ‘Girls Never Die’

K-pop girl group tripleS have dropped their debut album ‘ASSEMBLE24’, alongside a music video for lead single ‘Girls Never Die’.

Both ‘ASSEMBLE24’ and ‘Girls Never Die’ are the first releases from tripleS to feature all 24 members of the girl group’s full line-up. The K-pop act previously released the mini-album ‘ASSEMBLE’ in 2023, featuring 12 members.

The music video for ‘Girls Never Die’ features the members waking up in camping tents set up indoors in what appears to be an abandoned building, as they help each other apply make-up and get ready for the day.

” Gonna go all the way, not gonna give up this time / We stand up even when we fall / We go, we high, go now / Girls never die, girls never cry,” they croon on the chorus of the dance-pop song.


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Although ‘ASSEMBLE24′ marks tripleS’ first release as a 24-member group, the K-pop act have been releasing music through various sub-units since 2022. They include Acid Angel from Asia (AAA), +(Kr)ystal Eyes, Lovelution and Evolution.


tripleS were formed by K-pop agency Modhaus, a music label founded by renowned creative director and producer Jaden Jeong, known for working with LOONA in the past. The company also houses ARTMS, made of former LOONA members HeeJin, JinSoul, Kim Lip, HaSeul and Choerry.

ARTMS are set to release their long-awaited debut album, ‘Devine All Love & Live (Dall)’ on May 31. In the lead-up to the record, the quintet have released singles such as ‘Birth’ and ‘Flower Rhythm’. After the release, they will be embarking on an expansive world tour dubbed ‘Moonshot’, with stops in Seoul and the US.