has officially returned to social media, resuming her regular thirst-trappery by easing back into the routine. Celebrating a birthday this week, the rapper shared , including a fruitcake and some . 

For the last little while, there has been speculation that Iggy Azalea and her boyfriend, , . However, neither of the two have confirmed the rumors. Iggy and Carti are generally very silent on social media. Nobody can understand anything that comes out of Carti’s mouth (like in real life) and Iggy’s contributions on the ‘gram are pretty superficial, never really scratching the surface.

Playboi Carti may have some competition on the way because is leaving his mark on her page, potentially scouting for a post-Kylie pair-up.

As reported by several gossip sources, La Flame hit that double-tap on a number of Iggy’s new sexy snaps. The timing of this could not interest gossip fiends any more as, just the other day, Kylie Jenner was . Maybe this is Travis’ way of getting back at his ex-girlfriend?

Travis and Kylie have been rumored to be reconciling their relationship but, with these new rumors, things could have changed. Does Travis have his eyes on Iggy now?

Travis Scott Likes Iggy Azalea's Sexy New Pictures