Top 8 Albums Of The Month

1-Bob Dylan – Rough And Rowdy Ways

Six decades into his career, Bob Dylan delivers a gorgeous and meticulous record. It is the rare Dylan album that asks to be understood and comes down to meet its audience.

2-KeiyaA – Forever, Ya Girl

The Chicago-bred singer and producer’s homegrown R&B meditates on hurt, longing, and self-protection, embracing the kind of resolute realness that can only happen outside the major label gaze.

3-Perfume Genius  – Set My Heart On Fire Immediately

Mike Hadreas’ fifth album glides between sublime melodies and grimy, guttural dissonance, embracing the joys and burdens of the human body and its innumerable, intangible yearnings.

4-Em – Pathway To Aetheria

The New Jersey native singer-songwriter who began her musical quest as a young child, has imagined an album embracing iconic retro-pop influences, and with the help of her soulful voice and spiritual flair, she weaves intense memories of her emotional past into every lyric and melody she brings to life on Pathway To Aetheria

 5-Phoebe Bridgers – Punisher

On her marvelous second album, Phoebe Bridgers defines her songwriting: candid, multi-dimensional, slyly psychedelic, and full of heart. Her music has become a world unto itself.

6- Medhane – Cold Water

On his latest project, the Brooklyn rapper realizes his vision. His forceful and focused bars are just one aspect of the highly skilled emcee’s community-focused and spiritually rewarding music. 

7- Run The Jewels – RTJ4

On their fourth installment, Killer Mike and El-P are back to tune up the ruling class and the racist police state, this time streamlining the process and settling into their most natural rhythm.

8- Haim – Women In Music Part III

The third album from the trio is far and away their best. Intimate, multidimensional, and wide-ranging, the songwriting shines with personality and a great curiosity for melody and style.