The Yeah Yeah Yeahs! Live From Karen O’s Closet!

Concerts have been canceled, festivals are a no-go, and chances are these face masks would muffle even the sickest of lead singer wails anyway. So it makes sense why bands would take their talent to the hottest concert hall available to them during quarantine: Karen O’s closet. On Sunday, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs frontswoman and her socially-distanced bandmates posted a teeny, tiny concert to Instagram, complete with gold tinsel, mood lighting, and synthetic fog.

“Party anywhere (closet) anytime (any day of the week) safe at home,” the singer captioned the video, which featured an updated version of the band’s song “Phenomena,” sung by O and played remotely by guitarist Nick Zinner and drummer Brian Chase, from their 2006 album Show Your Bones. If you keep your eyes peeled, you can even see the band’s tiny roadie open the closet door to kick off their set, Karen O’s four-year-old son Django with director husband Barnaby Clay.