The Sonic Alchemy of Anastasia Solay’s Heart of a Star’

anastasia solay

Anastasia Solay, a name that resonates with the heartbeats of different cities – San Francisco, Geneva, London – now brings us Heart of a Star, an album that is as much a journey through her soul as it is through the world’s narratives. In this record, she crafts a sonic alchemy that blends her rich, multicultural upbringing with her deep, empathetic understanding of global events.

Each track of the anticipated release is a manifestation of Anastasia Solay ’s belief that personal healing contributes to universal healing. What sets Anastasia apart is her approach to creating music. The vocals for “Start a Fire,” another gem from the album, were recorded in one take, capturing the unrepeatable emotion of the moment. This approach mirrors her belief in music as a dynamic, spiritual entity, where melodies are dreamed, phrases are caught in the wind, and inspiration is spontaneous. 

Her influences, ranging from classical maestros like Tchaikovsky to soul legends like Aretha Franklin, have shaped a sound that is uniquely hers. In “Candlelight,” these influences come alive, blending soft vocals with powerful notes, violin arrangements, and a diverse array of instruments. It’s a track that encapsulates her journey through different musical cultures, colored by her interactions with people from various walks of life.

For Solay, music is more than sound – it’s a vibration felt deeply. In Heart of a Star, she invites her audience on an emotional voyage, one that offers hope, strength, and beauty. Her vision is for her music to be a companion in her listeners’ lives, offering solace, inspiration, and joy. With her hands-on approach to composing, writing, and producing, she has crafted an album that promises to be an original and emotionally rich experience, echoing the marvel of existence and the power of love’s resilience.

Watch the official music videos for “Candlelight” and “Heart of a Star” below: