The Six New Releases From Sumen Prove The Artist Lives For Creating Music

El Segundo, CA-based producer-songwriter Matt Sumen recently dropped six songs, each in a different genre, theme, and filled with different vibes. The multitalented artist is a breath of fresh air for the industry enthusiasts. He innovates music with bold decisions and masterful productions. All six of his newly dropped singles are a perfect in any aspect, with every detail and element. Everything about them is thoughtful and crafted with dedication. 

The artist’s musical background and passion make rock and rock and roll intersect with all the new releases, but the core genre of each differs from the others. Some are more blues-oriented and spread the intimately sensual and soulful vibe of the genre. Some compositions are overflowing with pop energy; others make you dance and swing in bliss. 

Sumen uses guitars, synths, otherworldly background vocals, vintage style melodies, rock and roll style unique driving guitar parts with astonishing riffs in perfect harmony. Even the cowbell finds its place in the emotional masterpieces of the utmostly creative artist talented to his very bones. Music flows in Sumen’s veins along with blood; it became his essence.