‘The Simpsons’ kills off fan favourite character after nearly 35 years on the show

The Simpsons has killed off a character who has been around for almost 35 years.

The animated series is currently in its 35th season, having made its debut in 1989. Most of the show’s iconic characters have continued to feature throughout the decades, meaning fans were shocked to learn of the death of a classic Springfield resident, often seen in the background of one of its establishments.

In last weekend’s episode, titled Cremains Of The Day, viewers saw the death of Larry the barfly, a regular at Moe’s Tavern, where he eventually dropped dead.

In the episode, Homer, Moe, Lenny and Carl attend his funeral, where they realise they knew little about him given the number of years they had all known each other, causing Homer to ask if they might be “terrible people”.


Larry’s mother made a tribute at the funeral, in which she mentioned the bar’s regulars, saying: “My Lawrence always talked about his best friends, the fellows at Moe’s Tavern,” before encouraging them to come up and say a few words about him.

The four are then tasked with taking Larry’s ashes to his “special place”, Serenity Falls, after being gifted a group photograph of them all together, by Larry’s mother.

Fans of The Simpsons are taking to social media to express their thoughts on a rare death in the show. When promotional images for the episode were released earlier this month, one user wrote: “They finally give Larry the barfly attention after 35 years of being a background extra… and it’s him FUCKING DYING”.


Another spoke about the character’s death, saying: “One thing about the latest Simpsons episode is that all jokes aside, Larry The Barfly’s life is really fucking sad and tragic”.

Some fans are were shocked by the death: “I can’t believe they killed off Larry Dalrymple on The Simpsons last night. #RIPLarry”, while some hadn’t even realised his character existed: “I’m over 30 and younger than 40..been watching The Simpsons all my life and just discovered the name of the guy that sits in the bar is named Larry.”

While a quiet character and not key to the main plot points of the series, Larry had been appearing in Moe’s bar since the first episodes in 1989, making his death a significant one for some fans of The Simpsons.

One user wrote: “holy shit larry from the simpsons died rest in peace my drunken king”, while another posted before the episode aired: “Just learned they are killing off Larry on The Simpsons tomorrow. I need a minute.”

In other news, last month the iconic series paid tribute to late actor Richard Lewis, who had a guest starring role in the show.