The Libertines “tried to sit down and write some screenplays” for a biopic

The Libertines have opened up about the possibility of a biopic, and shared that they have already “tried to sit down and write some screenplays”.

While speaking to NME about their upcoming album ‘All Quiet On The Eastern Esplanade’ the band’s frontmen – Carl Barât and Pete Doherty – discussed if the band would ever create a biopic of their career.

“We’ve talked about it, but then we always have a row about who’s playing who,” Barât said. Doherty added: “We even tried to sit down and write some screenplays for it, but it always turns into some farcical comedy. There was a musical made in Korea called The Likely Lads. They said it was going to run and run, but it closed after two nights.”


After being asked who would be playing each band member in the potential biopic, Doherty responded: “Now with all this AI, you can just play yourself. We’d be playing with ourselves, as usual.”

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Elsewhere in the interview, Doherty opened up about the upcoming documentary based on his life, titled Stranger In My Own Skin.

Speaking about the documentary – which was made by his wife and collaborator Katia de Vidas – Doherty said: “It’s quite heavy watching a lot of that stuff, but it is a different time. The fuzz, forcefield and camouflage of the drugs I was taking at the time meant that I wasn’t arsed about what people thought or how I looked.”

He continued: “I still feel really connected to that fella up there on the screen. I can see it’s me, but I don’t think I’ll be able to watch it again, to be honest.”

Barât shared that he did watch the film, adding “Anything like that is hard to watch. She’s been making it for 10 years, and I think it’s a beautiful portrayal. It’s through her eyes, and I think she’s done a great job.”


The Libertines’ ‘All Quiet On The Eastern Esplanade’ is set for release March 8. Stranger In My Own Skin, will hit cinemas on November 9.

Fans who pre-order the album will be offered the chance to purchase tickets for ‘All Quiet On The Eastern Esplanade – described as “two days of special acoustic and electric live shows by The Libertines” at the 500-capacity Lido in Margate on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 December.