The-Dream Discusses The Fired Shots From His Sean Garrett Verzuz Battle

Swizz Beatz and Timbaland‘s Verzuz Instagram battles have brought great music and entertaining memes that have left music fans talking about the series all over social media. One the most talked-about clashes came when illustrious songwriters The-Dream and Sean Garrett went toe to toe in March.

During a recent interview with implurnt, The-Dream gave his thoughts on the award-winning series explaining how it showcases the inner workings the industry that everyday music consumers don’t regularly get to see.

“I felt like it highlighted a lot about the components that work in the industry,” the four-time Grammy winner explained. “I just got the idea that people understood a lot more about what we do than they did coming in. Especially on a digital platform.”

The Radio Killa described his thoughts further by comparing the battles to the healthcare workers who are putting in countless hours to fight this global pandemic. “I said this before earlier today, it’s almost like from my standpoint, being a healthcare worker ain’t nobody has no idea what you’re doing. It’s like, yeah, cool, but you know,” The-Dream said.

“And on the scale, that’s kind what it is. It’s just like you’re doing these things that we know we need, they need to be done by these particular people, and these pressionals and the person that consumes it on the back end have no idea.”

Before the battle the platinum-penned songwriters commenced, both Dream and Garrett took to social media to explain the origins the clash while trading some words that added fuel to the fiery battle that had nearly 40,000 viewers.

In the series videos, The-Dream scfed that Garrett had no culture while calling him “Little Sean” and questioning his work ethic. Garrett, on the other hand, responded by smearing The-Dream’s friendship with JAY-Z and accusing him “riding niggas dicks, wearing their chains and all that type goy shit.”

When asked about the shots he threw in Garrett’s direction, The-Dream doubled back on his statements in the video. “I don’t think I threw a shot at all actually. But I probably could have I guess. If you say so,” he said.

Fans on social media, however, felt there was some type preordained beef between the two. Their comments before the battle and their actions during it had viewers think there was some kind animosity, but The-Dream claimed the alleged beef stems from Garrett’s corner. “There’s probably definitely some friction on Sean’s side, which I probably was previewed to afterward. But yeah, I don’t have any friction],” he said.

“I don’t know Sean, so I don’t really know him outside any conversations that he’s had about me with other people. I wouldn’t even know that they were going on until recently,” The-Dream revealed. “We don’t know each other. We know each other, course, duh, but yeah, we’re not ever in the same places doing the same thing, ever.”

The-Dream Discusses The Fired Shots From His Sean Garrett Verzuz Battle

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