The Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson Will Enter Conservatorship, Judge Rules

A judge has granted permission for Brian Wilson’s family to place the Beach Boys star in a conservatorship, The Associated Press reports. The decision follows a filing, in February, by Wilson’s daughters, which cited a “major neurocognitive disorder” as the reason for their proposal; doctors confirmed in court that he is taking medication for dementia.

At the family’s request, two longtime members of Wilson’s management team—publicist and manager Jean Sievers and business manager LeeAnn Hard—will run the conservatorship. Wilson consents to the arrangement and trusts the two women, an attorney told the court. The move follows the death, in January, of Wilson’s wife, Melinda, who had been caring for him.

As part of the ruling, all seven of Wilson’s children will receive updates and be consulted on healthcare decisions. Wilson, 81, will remain living in his home, and a trust continues to handle his financial assets. Doctors said the move would allow Wilson to keep up his daily routine while ensuring the necessary care. In a statement shared on Wilson’s Instagram in February, the family added that the arrangement would enable Wilson to “work on current projects as well as participate in any activities he chooses.”