The Avalanches reflect on 20 years of ‘Frontier Psychiatrist’

The Avalanches have taken to social media to celebrate the 20-year anniversary of their single ‘Frontier Psychiatrist’.

Robbie Chater, who co-produced the song with former member Darren Seltmann, posted about the song on The Avalanches’ Facebook page.

“So funny to reflect that such a strange song became a top 20 single,” Chater wrote.


“Looking back, I am reminded of how simple things can be when making your art.

“All you really need is a bunch of junkstore records and your imagination.”

Chater also provided insight as to how he and Seltmann put the song together from a myriad of samples.

Sources of the song’s samples include the John Waters movie Polyester, a recording by the Enoch Light Singers and an album from the comedy duo Wayne & Schuster.

Read The Avalanches’ full post below:

Frontier Psychiatrist was released 20 years ago this month. So funny to reflect that such a strange song became a top 20…

Posted by The Avalanches on Wednesday, October 14, 2020


The Avalanches released ‘Frontier Psychiatrist’ as the second single from their debut album, ‘Since I Left You’, in 2000. It remains the group’s signature song, charting in the top 20 in the UK and top 50 in Australia.

Australian listeners also voted ‘Frontier Psychiatrist’ in at number six in the 2000 triple j Hottest 100.

After 16 years, The Avalanches returned in 2016 with a new album, ‘Wildflower’.

The Avalanches will release their third album, ‘We Will Always Love You’, in December – just weeks after the 20th anniversary of ‘Since I Left You’.