Terry Pratchett’s ‘Discworld’ is being turned into a tabletop RPG

Terry Pratchett’s bestselling series Discworld is being turned into a tabletop roleplaying game.

Tabletop publisher Modiphius Entertainment has secured the rights to the series, and will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for the tabletop roleplaying game later this year. The first roleplaying game published by them will be set in and around the city of Ankh-Morpork, a prominently featured location in the Discworld series.

Modiphius previously released an adventure board game based on The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, as well as a title based on Fallout which allowed you to paint miniatures and take control of a faction within the post-apocalyptic universe.


“Terry had a lifelong affection with roleplaying games and it’s an entirely logical path along which you can follow his career from Dungeon Maser to him becoming one of our most celebrated and beloved fantasy authors of all time. We are delighted to be partnering with Modiphius. We love their work and we love their ethos and we entirely trust them to get things right,” Rob Wilkins said on the behalf of the Pratchett Estate in a new press release.

In the same press release, the founder of Modiphius and chief creative officer at the company, Chris Birch, spoke about how excited the company is to start working on a Discworld RPG.

“I’m sure many of us have Terry’s unique world in our mind’s eye when we’re roleplaying. Ankh-Morpork has had such a special place in the community and is full of so much character it was a great place to begin our journeys on the Disc.”

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