Take a Sip of Kelly Rowland’s Sexy New Single ‘Coffee’

Kelly Rowland is craving some coffee. In her first single since 2019’s anti-bullying song “Crown,” Rowland sings an ode to “coffee and sex in the morning.” “Hmm, they say mornin’ wood do a body good, babe,” she sings. “Clearly you agree, don’t be tryin’ to leave / Stay here with me.” Oop! So, that’s why “Coffee” is stylized in all-caps — it’s urgent. Despite the lyrics, the music video shows Rowland sun-drenched, dipped in sand, coffee-colored skin glowing, and not a man in sight. She and her girls, all different shades of dark skin, just pose on an empty beach, their beauty speaking for itself. “To me, ‘Coffee’ is about embracing your individuality, sexuality, or imperfections,” Rowland said in a statement. “Not comparing yourself to others. We need to celebrate ourselves more often — with this song, I want you to have yourself in mind. I want to remind women all over to reignite their magic!” Just like the video — no men required. Finally, a sexy song that won’t make quarantine any more depressing than it already is.