Tae UMG & Tyblee Are Here To Make Some Noise With Their Latest Release & Visuals Titled “On My Own”

Rapper-songwriter Tae UMG announced his latest project, a collaboration with Tyblee, on their latest track titled “On My Own.” Besides, they decided to celebrate the release of the track with some fiery visuals directed by Remrod.
Providing us with a great and entertaining listen, the duo also supplies us with great storytelling in a cohesive and interesting production.

Hip Hop has been played out for a very long time already, and outside its originators, in the late 80s and early 90s, very few artists have really ever added anything new or interesting to this genre. By listening to “On My Own” we believe that the rising rappers managing to add a vibe of authenticity, making their track sound interesting, are among those rare artists who are going to add something interesting to the Hip Hop industry.

All the while, staying away from this decade’s trendy style they deliver a distinctive project that has the possibility for longevity.