Super Hans actor says he’s never watched ‘Peep Show’

Super Hans actor Matt King has said he’s never watched an episode of Peep Show.

The actor, who played the character in 36 episodes of the Channel 4 sitcom, explained on Twitter why he sometimes “forget things” that Hans has said over the show’s nine seasons.

“Yes, sometimes I do forget things Hans said in Peep Show,” King wrote. “Because I’ve never sat down and watched an episode. Ever. Mainly cos I hate watching myself.


“So some of the very funny things I said TWENTY fucking years ago, may on occasion, slip my mind.”

In another post, King said that he was “mobbed” by fans of the show during a Fontaines D.C. gig in November last year. “I took my son to see @fontainesdublin last November and believe me, I understand the power of Peep Show.

“I was fucking mobbed by humans who were largely unborn when I was filming the third series. It’s a very special show to me too. Just can’t watch it. MK.”

He added: “That’s not me humble bragging. I’m just answering those lovely peeps who said I can’t fully understand the power of Peep Show if I’ve never watched a full episode. I definitely can. I get people shouting ‘Men with Ven’ at me approximately six hundred times a year. I get it.”


When asked if there’s any chance of more Peep Show in the future, King replied: “Absolutely zero.”

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Created by Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain, Peep Show ran for nine seasons from 2003 to 2015 and became Channel 4’s longest-running comedy series. It starred David Mitchell and Robert Webb as leads Mark and Jeremy, alongside King, Olivia Colman and Paterson D. Joseph.

A US remake is in development at FX from Atlanta writer Stefani Robinson, with the show’s original creators on board as executive producers. The remake will take inspiration from the first-person format of the original, albeit with a different story and two female leads.