has been acting a little out of pocket lately, using her alternate social media accounts to show the world who she truly is. That means that, in the last few weeks, we’ve been blessed with a , , and more. 

Getting  with London On Da Track, the critically-acclaimed singer has let fans into her life, showing off their  and enjoying her time during the quarantine. As businesses continue to re-open, the singer took a drive in her whip and she decided to get all dressed up (or down?) for the occasion.

Summer rocked an ultra-revealing outfit, wearing a grey crop top pulled even higher to sit just above her boobs, which were covered solely by some cupcake stickers. She cinched her waist and kept her pants unbuttoned, listening to that new and .

When she got back home, the pants came off and she danced in the mirror, jamming to and continuing to show off her figure.

In recent weeks, Summer Walker has been going crazy on her alternate ‘gram account, posting all of the material that she wishes she could share on her official verified joint. At least she’s got an outlet to go off when she wants.