Suga Wants You to Relive His Shows With ‘D-Day’ Concert Film

A Movie Treat

“Concerts and singers are inseparable,” the BTS star says. “I’m someone who thinks this is what completes your career as a singer”

Suga wants his fans to experience last year’s D-Day shows on the big screen.

On Tuesday, the BTS rapper — who also goes by Agust D — released the trailer for his upcoming concert film Agust D Tour ‘D-Day’ The Movie, set to hit theaters (and IMAX) on April 10 and 13.

“My concert is not kind. When I go on stage, I think to myself that I have to kill it,” Suga says in the trailer before concert footage flashes on screen, highlighting Suga as he interacts with his audience and performs during his 2023 solo tour.

“Concerts and singers are inseparable,” he adds. “I’m someone who thinks this is what completes your career as a singer… I’m someone who loves performing.”

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Suga toured the United States and Asia in 2023, performing songs such as “Haegeum,” “SDL,” “People,” and “Snooze” at each stop. He performed at venues including New York’s UBS Arena and Los Angeles’ Kia Forum. Special guests joined the rapper along the way: Max performed “Burn It” with Suga and Halsey joined him for “Suga’s Interlude” during two separate nights in L.A.

Jungkook, Jimin, and RM — his BTS bandmates — joined him on separate nights during the musician’s stops in South Korea.


Suga started fulfilling his mandatory service requirements in South Korea last September, about a month after the end of his tour. Instead of enlisting in a branch of the country’s military, Suga will instead spend the next 21 months working as a social service agent. (His service time is set to end in June 2025.)

In a message shared with fans on Weverse, Suga said at the time, “I was able to come this far thanks to you. And the time has come. I will faithfully complete my duty and come back. Be careful of the chilly autumn weather. Stay healthy and see you all in 2025!”