Stream Vientre and Tolls’ (mem Senza) new songs from upcoming split

Colombian screamo band Vientre put out the very good album Estado de Imago earlier this year, and now they're set to release a split with Tolls (another project of Jamie Giles from Senza) on Zegema Beach Records/Tomb Tree Tapes on November 1 (US and Canada/international pre-orders). Ahead of the release, we're premiering a song from each band.

Vientre's "Barricada" is cut from a similar cloth as Estado de Imago, putting a fresh spin on melodic/aggressive, mid 2000s European style screamo, while Tolls' "Harbinger" is sludgier and more metallic, with a whiplash-inducing, D-beating mid-section. Both songs rip, and you can hear them both below.

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