Stream Altars of the Moon’s (mem Chrome Waves, Wolvhammer, Uada, etc) debut ‘Brahmastra’

Altars of the Moon is a new project that began during the pandemic, started by Uada bassist Nate Verschoor (on bass, guitars, synth, and programming) and eventually expanded to include Jeff Wilson (Chrome Waves, ex-Wolvhammer, etc) on guitars, bass, synth and Heath Rave (ex-Wolvhammer, Lotus Thrones, etc) on vocals. Their debut project is Brahmastra, a nearly-30-minute piece split into two long tracks. "It was as if playing a continental game of exquisite corpse," Heath said of how Brahmastra came together. "While when it was initially conceived by Nathan, he didn’t know what Jeff would do to it and after it was sent to me, what I returned took it to an even further dimension away from it’s initial beginnings. It was incredible to collaborate on such an interesting piece of art."

The result is a gargantuan piece of music that pulls from sludge metal, post-rock, folk music, goth, space rock, and more, and it all comes together to create something you can really immerse yourself in. It officially comes out this Friday (8/20) via Disorder Recordings (pre-order), but we're premiering a full stream right now. Listen below.