in all of sports media and continues to provide his hot takes on ESPN’s First Take. Surprisingly, the show is still providing daily content despite the fact that there are no sports on due to the Coronavirus. Regardless,  and we are very grateful for all of it.

Today, there was a particularly interesting topic that was brought up. The panelists were asked to debate who is the player closest to in sports, today. Smith surprised his co-hosts by saying he thinks Kawhi Leonard fits that bill the best. His reasoning was quite simple. While he doesn’t think Kawhi is as good as Jordan, or as successful, he feels like their games are extremely similar. Simply put, Kawhi can be an elite scorer while also providing lockdown defense.

Smith raises an interesting point although there will certainly be some LeBron James stans out there who disagree with what Smith has to say. In the comments, some felt like Kobe Bryant should have been mentioned. However, the topic was about players who are currently in the league, hence Smith’s answer.

This is a highly-debatable subject so don’t be shy to send us your thoughts, in the comments below.