Spirit Awards Disrupted by Israel-Hamas War Protest Outside Tent

Spirit Awards 2024

A small but loud group was heard chanting over a megaphone throughout the ceremony

Several people protesting the Israel–Hamas war at the 2024 Film Independent Spirit Awards could be heard throughout the ceremony, according to multiple reports.

A small group of protestors began chanting “Free Palestine” and “cease fire now” through a megaphone as celebrities gathered to walk the red carpet at the awards ceremony on Sunday, with the protest continuing into the start of the ceremony. The ceremony is held outdoors in a tent on the beach at Santa Monica Pier.

At one point, the protestors could be heard as Jim Gaffigan was onstage presenting an award to the cast of Jury Duty. Later in the show, host Aidy Bryant acknowledged the protests, saying, “We are at the beach, and people are practicing their freedom of speech.”

Presenter Jimmy O. Yang reportedly also commented on a “heckler” heard from outside, saying that while he couldn’t make out what was being said, “We’re a bunch of people making indie films here. We’re used to getting yelled at.”


While people have gathered at other awards ceremonies this year, including the 2024 Grammy Awards, to protest after the war broke out when Hamas terrorists led an attack on Israel on Oct. 7, 2023, the Spirit Awards is the first of the season that protests have disrupted.

Last month, a group of roughly 150 protestors took to the Sundance Festival in solidarity with Palestine. The protestors were joined by former Scream actress Melissa Barrera and Pose star Indya Moore.