Sophie Fay’s New EP Handle With Care Will Snap You Out Of Emotional Sleep

The 7 track EP Handle With Care is the artist’s touchingly minimalistic and sensitive declaration of her unique attitude towards life. The album will soon become your escape from reality into the vulnerable world of Sophie. Her world is filled with dreamy soundscapes, intimately groovy, ethereal, soul-stirring, and edgily vibrant to emotionality. 

Sophie Fay plays with all of your senses to make you feel in a way you forgot was possible. Her new EP will snap you out of the long emotional sleep and pour you with emotions through blending soulful vocals vulnerable enough to be open wounds and diverse musical genres into one piece of art made to open your soul and heal it. 

Handle With Care reaches to your core and is as unapologetic as only true art can be. Sophie does not care about mainstream, popularity, or whether the audience likes her or not, she cares about the higher purpose of her music, and it is beautiful, not to say extremely rare for today’s world. 

The EP is a 24-minute journey of exploration of oneself and the world through the young, new artist’s mind. New York City-born Sophie Fay shows herself capable of some impressive vocals and amazes with her emotional palette during those minutes. 

Handle With Care is the euphoric new EP you should not miss.