Someone has put Lorde’s ‘Solar Power’ to scenes from ‘Midsommar’ and it’s creepy AF

Lorde‘s single ‘Solar Power’ has been reimagined as the soundtrack to Midsommar – with seriously creepy results.

The Kiwi singer-songwriter’s comeback single is a breezy, sun-kissed slice of summer, while its joyful official video captures a day well spent at the beach. It’s a far cry – you would think – from the events that unfold in Ari Aster’s 2019 horror, which NME called “genuinely disturbing”.

That hasn’t stopped one fan, however, who’s made a connection between the two with the YouTube parody ‘Solar Power by Lorde but it’s Midsommar’.


Beginning in a dark, cold location (“I hate the winter“), the video soon transports us to Midsommar‘s sunnier cult dancing scenes before building to an unsettling, fiery finale. You can watch the parody below:

“The cult dance while Lorde singing the word ‘Solar Power’. Chef’s kiss,” wrote one viewer in the comments section. Another said: “I am amazed by the way [the] lyrics and every scene perfectly blend each other. Well done.”

Elsewhere, some fans explained they had picked up on the original ‘Solar Power’ video’s “Midsommar vibes”. “When I first heard the song I immediately thought of this!” a second user wrote.

‘Solar Power by Lorde but it’s Midsommar’ has racked up over 156,200 views and 13,000 ‘likes’ at the time of writing.

Lorde has shared three singles ahead of the arrival of her third studio album – also called ‘Solar Power’ – this Friday (August 20). ‘Mood Ring’ arrived yesterday (August 17), which followed ‘Stoned At The Nail Salon’ and the aforementioned title track.


Co-produced by Jack Antonoff, the forthcoming record has been described by Lorde as “a celebration of the natural world, an attempt at immortalising the deep, transcendent feelings I have when I’m outdoors”.