‘SNL’ Weekend Update Tackles Northeast Earthquake, Trump’s ‘Cocaine’ Comment

Saturday Night Live‘s Weekend Update addressed Friday’s 4.8 magnitude earthquake that was centered in New Jersey but was felt hundreds of miles away, as well as Donald Trump‘s latest unsubstantiated allegation about President Joe Biden.

Colin Jost began: “Well yesterday, everyone in New York pretended they felt an earthquake. Just admit it, you thought it was wind.”

“This earthquake was actually the best possible disaster,” Jost continued. “It was kind of like the time I saw my dad in the shower. It was a little scary, there was no permanent damage, but I’m going to remember it for the rest of my life.”

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Jost then turned to Trump, who has challenged Biden to a debate.

“At a campaign rally, former President Trump said he would debate President Biden any time, any place. And then he pointed to an empty podium on the stage,” Jost said. “Now, Trump and Biden are both polling 80 points behind the podium.”

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Jost also addressed how Trump suggested that Biden was on cocaine during his State of the Union address last month–the same speech where Biden’s performance was widely seen as refuting right-wing criticisms of the president as lacking stamina.

Trump, Jost said, was “saying [Biden] was all jacked up at the beginning. By the end, he was fading fast.”

“Huh. It almost sounds like Donald Trump knows exactly what it feels like to be on cocaine. You know, like at the beginning, you’ve got a lot of energy,” he said before playing a clip of Trump making awkward-looking arm movements during “YMCA.”

“But then, by the end, you’re fading fast,” Jost added, showing a clip of Trump seeming lethargic and fumbling over his words.

Michael Che stayed on Trump by referencing his stated desire to have election day be “Christian visibility day.”


“Wait. I thought that was Ash Wednesday?” he joked.