SNL Pokes Fun at NFL for Taylor Swift Hype

‘Love Story!’

With a brief appearance by Travis Kelce

Saturday Night Live‘s version of Fox NFL Sunday included Pete Davidson playing a sideline reporter who was all-too-giddy to talk about Taylor Swift, even though he was covering a Philadelphia Eagles and New York Jets game.

“The Eagles are heavily favored, but the Jets have some defensive schemes that might slow them down,” began Kenan Thompson, as host Curt Menefee. “Let’s go to our newest NFL sideline reporter, Kenny Ditullio, who’s at MetLife Stadium. Kenny, what’s the mood down there?”

“Devastated, Curt! Taylor is nowhere to be seen,” commented Davidson, prompting Thompson to ask why he expected her there at all.

“Because there was a rumor online she was coming to cheer on Travis Kelce’s brother, Jason, who plays for the Eagles. Duh!” replied Davidson, wearing a pink cowboy hat. “But so far, no sign of blondie. I’m starting to wonder why I’m even here.”

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Davidson went on to provide some in-depth analysis…but not of anything related to football.

“Notice Taylor’s eyes,” he stressed while an image showed on screen of Swift at a recent Kansas City Chiefs game with Kelce’s mother. “Look at the thumbs up, folks. It’s a love story, baby! Just say yeah!!”

“Well thank you, Kenny,” Thompson reacted flatly. “You have been the opposite of helpful.”


After his colleagues debated who was the biggest “swiftie,” Thompson teased a discussion with “someone who actually wants to talk football.”

Travis Kelce was all for it: “Yes, please!” he said.