‘SNL’: Dakota Johnson Mocks Justin Timberlake’s ‘Comeback’ in Monologue

The two Social Network co-stars had a mini reunion during Johnson’s monologue, which also saw Jimmy Fallon pop in as Barry Gibb

This week’s Saturday Night Live kicked things off with a damn near unwatchable parody of CBS’ NFL broadcast before Dakota Johnson took the stage looking absolutely incredible, dressed in a number that recalled Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s black jumpsuit in Fleabag.

The actress described her upcoming film Madame Web — a Spider-Man spinoff co-starring Sydney Sweeney — as “kind of like if AI generated your boyfriend’s perfect movie.”

“I’ve been doing a lot of press for it and I’m just… not good at talking to journalists,” offered Johnson during her monologue. “I think the big problem is that I say stuff and then they write it down, and it’s really unfair, because most of the time I’m joking.”

She mentioned how tonight was also a “sort-of reunion” for her and musical guest Justin Timberlake, since the two shared an uncomfortable morning-after scene in David Fincher’s The Social Network.

With that, Timberlake crashed the monologue, all but begging to be featured in any sketches throughout the night.

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“I’m so happy you chose my show for your comeback,” Johnson told her former co-star.

“It’s, uh… Hmm… Comeback… is that what we’re calling it? OK,” replied Timberlake, feigning offense.

“Yeah! I mean comeback in a good way,” Johnson insisted.

Cue Timberlake: “Ah, OK. I see what this is. This is where we make a joke like, ‘First he was bringing sexy back and now he’s bringing cumming back.’”

“I wouldn’t phrase it like that,” shot back Johnson.


Then, Jimmy Fallon — dressed as Bee Gees lead singer Barry Gibb, a nod to his “Barry Gibb Talk Show” SNL sketches with Timberlake — appeared to offer some more help.

And we’re off.