Sløtface share two new videos and release ‘Awake/Asleep’ EP

Sløtface have shared two new videos and released their ‘Awake/Asleep’ EP – check it out below.

Last June, Norwegian trio Sløtface announced that they would be going their separate ways, with singer Haley Shea continuing the band as a solo project.

Since then, Shea has released singles ‘Beta’, ‘Come Hell Or Whatever’, ‘Happy’ and ‘Nose’. Now, Sløtface have shared an official video for ‘Cowboys In The Dark’ alongside a lyric video for ‘Indoor Kid’ which also shows off a fanzine commissioned by the project. Check them both out below.


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Those five tracks all feature on new Sløtface EP ‘Awake/Asleep. Taking to social media, Shea wrote: “Our EP ‘Awake/Asleep’ is out today!!! We’re so proud of these songs, and hope you love them as much as we do! This EP is a tasting platter of different sounds, expressions and ways of making music that I’m so excited to keep exploring going forward.”

“It’s also us cracking the spine of the book that is Sløtface in its current form. Can’t wait to hear what you think! Thanks again to the team that made this EP happen,” she added.

Listen to ‘Awake/Asleep’ below:


Speaking to NME last year, Shea said: “It’s important for me to let everything be open and experiment with different things. I knew going into a new version of Sløtface could be scary and that not having a super-defined sound would be harder for people to wrap their heads around, but it also feels really important to include lots of different musical genres and approaches to music. The most honest thing would be to establish that right from the start.”

She went on to say the EP would be “pretty different” to what Sløtface have done before.

“The [new songs] sound more organic and one of them is more Americana and [Bruce] Springsteen influenced. There are common threads and the way we worked on them is similar, but I wanted to keep it open and dare to not define everything so clearly. I’m sure not everyone will like it and not everyone will like everything, but I’m OK with that.”