Sløtface share anthemic new single ‘Happy’, unveil details of upcoming EP and London show

Sløtface have shared an anthemic new single called ‘Happy’ – check it out below.

Described in a statement as “a call to arms in times of trouble”, the latest single is taken from a new EP, which will be released in February 2023. As well as ‘Happy’, the EP will also feature the recently released double A-side ‘Beta / Come Hell Or Whatever‘.

Speaking about the new single and EP release, Shea said: “For this upcoming EP the main themes I’ve been exploring are really joy, happiness and all of the opposites of these feelings – what it means to feel happy or content.


“‘Happy’ is one of the first songs we finished writing together with the new band who perform the Sløtface songs live and also contribute on most of the recorded music. Tobias, our guitarist, came up with the riff, and he, Nils, Marie, Simen and I just jammed around that in the rehearsal space, which was a positive change after working in a studio setting for a lot of the other new Sløtface songs.

“Lyrically, the song is very direct, simple and honest. I was working on how to write about the themes of the EP and thought I’d try saying it as simply as I could. I truly do just want to feel happy. And after a few years of soul searching as to what that could mean, this felt like the most direct way to express those feelings.”

Check out the new song here:

As well as this, Shea also announced details of a free London show. Fans can find out ticket details by clicking Shea’s Instagram bio here and you can see the full post below.

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Earlier this year, the Norwegian punk band announced that they would now just be the project of Shea after the amicable departure of guitarist Tor-Arne Vikingstad and bassist Lasse Lokoy.


“It’s more like a family or a collective, but it’s definitely my responsibility and my project,” Shea told NME of the current incarnation of Sløtface this summer. “It was a rough 2021 with COVID and then all of these new changes. I didn’t think I could take in any more blows at that point – but there we are.

“It feels so good to have so many amazing and talented friends involved, who I was already friends with before. The few live shows we’ve done recently have been so fun – not just because we’re back to proper rock shows after COVID but also because there’s a really good energy amongst our entire group.”