Slim 1200 Proves He Is One Of The Greatest In The Game With New Joint ‘Tik Tok’

Houm, Louisiana-based artist 1200 Slim just released “Tik Tok,” the first track off his upcoming album that will bear the title Revelations, breaking all stigma on what most rappers sound and look like. Overflown with creativity and strongly defying the rigid classification of Hip-Hop, Slim offers a sophisticated, authentic, and autobiographical body of work, sharing elaborate stories with his growing followers. 

The recently dropped track emphasizes on his habits, lifestyle, and we must say, it seems fun to have the life he is having. Powerfully continuing the theme of lavish luxury previously seen on his 2020 earlier drops, he effortlessly incorporates an innovative Louisiana rapping mood, depicting his surroundings while creating a fascinating form of music that will surely leave a great impact on the Hip-Hop fans.