Slayyyter Gives Lady Gaga’s ‘Monster’ a ‘Halloween Twist’ in Spotify Single

Slayyyter is paying homage to one of her musical icons. On Monday, to celebrate Halloween, the pop singer released a spooky-fied version of Lady Gaga‘s beloved song “Monster,” which she recorded in New York City’s Spotify Studios.

“I was thinking about different Halloween songs I could cover and this one popped into my head,” she said in a press release of the Spotify Single. “It’s one of my favorite pop songs of all time, and nothing will beat the original but I wanted to give it a bit of a Halloween twist for the Spotify single.”

The song reimagines the Fame Monster classic with Slayyyter’s signature vocals highlighted on her recent album Starfucker, along with a touch of Halloween sonics in the intro.

Slayyyter has long named Gaga as one of her biggest influences in music, adding that her album The Fame “kept me going through” middle school when she didn’t have many friends. (She also wrote the LP a “love letter” for Australia’s Music Feeds and covered “Paparazzi” during an Instagram Live two years ago.)

“I always loved Marina and the Diamonds and loved Lady Gaga and loved all that kind of music that’s like championed gay stan Twitter,” Slayyyter told Out Magazine in September. “So I feel like it just kind of made sense for me to, you know, kind of emulate like the things that I grew up loving.”

“It’s funny because I think to the outside world, pop music, people think it’s like silly,” she added. “But I feel like it has so much impact. It’s not a joke to say that there are certain Lady Gaga songs that saved my life.”


The new single arrives nearly a month after Slayyyter released her album Starfucker, featuring songs such as “I Love Hollywood!,” “Purrr,” and “Rhinestone Heart.”

“I’ve had a front seat,” she told Rolling Stone in a profile published last month. “I’ve been the starfucker. I’ve been star-fucked. I’ve had people try to get close to me because they have weird, clout-chase-y intentions. I’ve seen the dumb-assery of Hollywood and it’s so sick and wonderful and awesome and I’m addicted to it.”