Singer-Songwriter Charmian Devi Returns In The Indie Scene With “No Peace” & “Radio Of None”

Montreal-based singer-songwriter Charmian Devi returns to the indie scene with two new singles, “Radio of None” and “No Peace,” with Bob Dylan’s own bassist Tony Garnier as one of the musicians who recorded these two songs with her in New York City . The talented Devi has been around for years now, making inspiring music paired with poetic and conscious lyrics, and listeners who enjoy listening to artists like Bob Dylan, The Beatles, and The Doors, will be extremely surprised to find out that artists like Charmian Devi continue pushing forward the artistic legacy that these legends have invented in their art. Powerful and yet subtle, disruptive yet always incorporating nuances, Charmian Devi is a true artist who knows exactly the kind of sound she is looking for to support her breathtaking lyrics.