Shed Seven mistaken as shed manufacturers on Twitter: “We’d be bloody useless with a hammer”

A Twitter user has been mistaking Britpop stalwarts Shed Seven for shed manufacturers.

“@shedseven why don’t you answer your phones?” one user wrote to the band on Twitter. “I’ve tried without success to contact you for weeks since you failed to instal my shed on 24Nov!” she added, with an extra hashtag: “#crapcustomerservice.”

The band’s songwriter Rick Witter responded: “This is brilliant Jo, when we get back to gigging we formally invite you +1 on the guest list to a gig of your choosing to make it up to you….” to which the tweeter replied: “That would be so much better than having you come and erect my shed!”


“Sorry to hear you shed hasn’t been installed Jo,” the band joked on Twitter. “But we manufacture indie rock anthems and alas can not help you. We’d be bloody useless with a hammer.”

In reply to yet another tweet from the user unhappy with their lack of shed, the band wrote: “Once again I can only apologies, we’re not installing sheds due to us not installing sheds. We can install some fine music in your ears however.. new live album out soon.”

Shed Seven released a new live album ‘Another Night, Another Town’ on December 4, “capturing their dynamic live performances and anthemic songs over 21 tracks”.


The veteran Britpop band first split in 2003 before reuniting for a series of tour dates in 2007. A decade later, the band released new album ‘Instant Pleasures’, their first since 2001’s ‘Truth Be Told’.