Sharon Osbourne doubles down on James Corden criticism: “He’s fair game”

Sharon Osbourne has defended her criticism of James Corden, calling him “fair game”.

The media mogul and former X Factor judge previously took aim at the comedian and host during her stint on Celebrity Big BrotherThere, she called out his habit of “constantly” name-dropping: “I go to him, ‘I really like your shoes’, and he goes, ‘Yes, Stella McCartney’. I’m like, I didn’t ask you who made them. He constantly, constantly throws out names.”

She also criticised Anna Wintour (“Who loves Anna Wintour?”), Adele (“cut the crap, you don’t talk like that anymore”), and Ellen DeGeneres.

Now, in a conversation with her husband Ozzy Osbourne and their two children Kelly and Jack, Sharon has further defended herself on The Osbournes Podcast. When Kelly criticised her for attacking Corden, Sharon said “That’s fair,” adding: “I mean, he’s fair game. That fake laugh.”


Jack further informed Ozzy that Corden was “that British actor who became the talk show host in America”; Sharon, however, said “his claim to fame is playing Paul Potts in a movie”. Corden played the role of the English opera singer in the movie One Chance in 2013.

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Osbourne is not alone in criticism of Corden; Mel B hit out at the comedian in 2022, calling him one of the “biggest dickhead” celebrities she’s ever met. She also added “Geri Halliwell, Jessie J and me!” to the list of celebrity dickheads.


A TV director also branded Corden as “the most difficult and obnoxious presenter” he has ever worked with: “I was asked by his production company [if I would] be willing to direct a challenge that was gonna be part of their A League of Their Own show. It was season seven, episode three, and I’ll never forget it.”

Last month, Osbourne also hit out at Kanye Westsaying he “fucked with the wrong Jew this time”. The rapper had used a Black Sabbath sample without the band’s permission on his album ‘Vultures’ with Ty Dolla $ign.

She went on to brand West as a “disrespectful anti-Semite”, saying that these days he “represents hate”. The Osbournes have also reportedly sent off a cease and desist to West. She added: “The motherfucker’s a pig.”

In other news, Corden has clarified rumours that he was fired from The Late Late Show. The host left in 2023 to move back to England and to be closer to family.


However, he told Jimmy Kimmel that “no one believes that I wasn’t fired”, adding that people “honestly” respond: “You don’t have to give me that bullshit. It’s fine mate, you got fired. You got fired.”