See Through Person deliver mathy post-hardcore on “Pipe Dream” off new EP ‘Sun’

Last year, Florida's See Through Person released their debut EP Chariot, which we described as "raw, noisy, scrappy, Midwest-style emo," but it sounds like they've really grown and expanded their sound for their upcoming sophomore EP Sun, due August 31 via Acrobat Unstable (pre-order on cassette or packaged with Chariot on 12" vinyl). The EP features Pool Kids' Caden Clinton on drums, and one song has guest vocals from Dogleg's Alex Stoitsiadis, and judging by lead single "Pipe Dream," See Through Person sound harder and tighter than they did on Chariot. It's less "scrappy emo," and more like The Fall of Troy's mathy post-hardcore, and See Through Person breathe new life into this sound. The band says:

A lot has happened in the 9 months since our first EP, Chariot came out. I don’t think either of us expected it to go as far as it did and we were definitely experiencing some growing pains and it was starting to feel like we had plateaued. But Acrobat Unstable reaching out and signing to that label really helped solidify our direction as a band and they were able to get us in contact with a lot of great people who were instrumental to this EP like Caden Clinton from Pool Kids who’s drumming on this EP, or Alex Stoitsiadis from Dogleg who’s doing guest vocals on the song “Periwinkle”. The recording process was very seamless too, working with Lon Beshiri in Tallahassee was a blast, we walked into the studio with one idea of how the songs would sound like, and after working with Caden and Lon they definitely went in a different direction than we anticipated but we are very happy with it. More than anything though I’m really grateful to everyone who supported our first EP and created a demand for us to record a second it has lead to opportunities in such a short period of time that we never thought were possible.

Listen to the premiere of "Pipe Dream" right here:

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